Ian Filippini Discusses Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable Remainder Trust

A charitable remainder trust is definitely part of the advanced techniques of estate planning. Some people have never even heard of estate planning, let alone something as complex as a charitable remainder trust. If you don’t know, now is a good time to tell you that the whole point of estate planning is to save you money; granted, it will be saving your estate money after you die, but in a sense, it is still your money that you earned. Like all estate planning techniques, the charitable remainder trust is to save you money in the end (yes, literally the end). Ian Filippini has been helping his clients with their estate planning needs for many years. Ian Filippini has lots of experience with estate planning, and especially with creating charitable remainder trusts. In this article, Ian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management will briefly discuss what a charitable remainder trust is, and the benefits that it carries.

Ian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management. reminds you to always consult your own estate planning specialist for more details and current laws. Ian Filippini also reminds you that to create a charitable remainder trust, you must be willing to leave whatever is left in that trust to charity when you die. Ian Filippini Santa Barbara says that a charitable remainder trust is almost exactly what it sounds like. A trust is created where a certain amount from the trust is paid to you each year; this amount is a predetermined and fixed amount, asserts Ian Filippini. Whatever is still in that trust upon your death is then transferred to the predetermined charity, and cannot be changed says Ian Filippini.

Ian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management. says that the benefits to this are that you can take charitable tax deductions from the amount transferred to you from this trust throughout your life. Ian Filippini and Filippini Wealth Management says you will save this way, and through probate.

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